Thursday, February 15, 2007

Joey's Hits The Mark

We spent Valentine's Day at Joey's on the Corner of NE 8th and Bellevue Way, in Bellevue. Since Deb was putting on a special deal at work she would be arriving late, I put my name in and went to the bar. Although it was a busy night, service was instant, a friendly waitress took my order of a Ginger Margarita, something that I had not heard of until then. It was incredible, in about 15 minutes, there was a table open, the waitress made a suggestion for an appetizer a Sweet Chile Chicken thing that was excellent. After Deb arrived, we ordered dinner, I had The Pacific Northwest King Salmon and my wife had an "Evil Jungle Noodle Salad". We also had a desert which was a spice cake. It is very rare that I have gone to a restaurant and everything was this close to perfect. In spite of the great atmosphere, the price of the dinner was reasonable. I would recommend Joey's for great food, great service and an enjoyable atmosphere.

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