Friday, February 23, 2007

Ventrella For Congress?

Tony Ventrella's unannounced drop by at a Democratic State Committee Meeting last month, has sparked rumours of a possible bid for Congress. Ventrella, former sportscaster on just about every station at one time or another in the Puget Sound area, lives in the 8th Congressional District, where Republican Dave Reichert has hung on to by the skin of his teeth.
Ventrella's probable strengths in the general election could be a weakness in a primary election, his congenial style has potential crossover appeal, but the Democratic rank and file tend to favor a candidate who would be more outspoken and blunt.
So far, 2006 candidate Darcy Burner has not announced her intentions.

1 comment:

steve said...

Tony Ventrellaquist?
Didn't he quit at one point because he wanted to devote his time to being a motivational speaker (you'll be living in van down by the river!).
To bad he can't serve with Largent. Largent could give a speach and then Ventrellaquist could spend a half an hour showing highlights and analyzing it.