Saturday, February 20, 2016

Two Democrats Vie For 5th District House Position

For the first time in years, two democratic candidates will face each other in a bid to turn a legislative seat from the 5th Democratic.  The 5th Legislative District which includes the rural, but fast growing Southeast King County.  Chad Magendanz, who currently holds the seat, will challenge Democrat incumbent Mark Mullet for the Senate seat.
Darcy Burner of Ames Lake came with in a whisker hair of winning a seat in Congress.  She is passionate and makes no bones on her positions.  She emerged through a group known as NetRoots, a group of bloggers who expressed through technology, views that they felt where ignored by the mainstream media. 
Matt Larson is the current mayor of Snoqualmie, which has experienced unprecedented growth.  Larson talks about bringing consensus in the legislature.  He is endorsed by most of his fellow Eastside mayors and many party leaders.

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