Thursday, February 18, 2016

Barers Of Maple Valley Enjoy LA Weekend

We just returned from a few days in the LA area. We arrived last Thursday around midnight.  Friday morning, we went to Rancho Mirage to visit my Dad and Jean, we all went to McCallum Hall to watch the play Cannoli, Latkes, and Guilt.  We concluded the evening and visit with dinner at Pizza Vino in Palm Desert.  We returned to LA area to pick up Deb's sister and family at the airport. We stayed in Anaheim where we could see Disneyland from our room (third picture from top).
Saturday, we had dinner in lovely Newport Beach, where we watched the sunset (third picture from bottom).
On Sunday, we all went to Universal Studios.  We went on the back lot tour where I shot the staged crashed plane from War Of The Worlds (second from bottom).  We also went on rides like the soon to open Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter (bottom picture). 
On Monday, we all went to Huntington Beach, a surfing mecca that was popular with teens (4th picture from top) we had lunch.
Monday evening, Deb and I drove to LA and had dinner at Sur, a restaurant made famous on the show "Vanderpump Rules"(second from top). Since it was Grammys night, we look up to see if there were any after parties.  We found that the Sony party was at the nearby Hotel Bel-Air (top picture).  The hotel was very welcoming although we did not actually attend the party, it was fun to people watch and enjoy the atmosphere. 
We had perfect weather during the entire visit.

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