Sunday, February 07, 2016

Police Officer Killed In Seaside Oregon

In Seaside,Oregon, where strangers greet each other on a long wide sidewalk known as the Prom, the only danger seems to be the raging Pacific Ocean.  But in what seems to be a peaceful coastal tourist town, a police officer lost his life.
Jason Gooding, a 39 year old, 13 year veteran of the force was shot and killed last Friday outside the popular restaurant Pig N Pancake, Gooding was attempting to serve a warrant on 55 year old Phillip Ferry.  Ferry apparently shot Gooding, when the officer attempted to subdue him.  Another officer, on the scene, returned fire fatally wounding the assailant.  Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis said it was the first killing of an officer in the line of duty in about 30 years.
Seaside has been a favorite vacation destination for residents of the Pacific Northwest.  It has been a summer destination for my family for generations, a tradition that I have passed on to my wife's family.

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