Thursday, February 25, 2016

LA III: Fox Car Rental Hassle

Exactly two weeks ago we arrived in at LAX to start our trip.  We arrived on time and our luggage was with us in a timely fashion.  We waited for a shuttle to our rental car destination.  We had rented a car that we would share with the rest of the family with Fox Rent A Car.  I had never heard of them and now I wish that I hadn't. 
We waited two hours for a shuttle, not in a lounge but in the LAX street curb.  We had a daytime show to catch in Palm Springs with my dad and his wife the following day.  We tried to call but got only a recording.  The shuttle finally arrived a 1 in the morning.  It took us to a shabby building where there was a long line (see the picture above).   While we waited many of the clerks went off duty and were not replaced.  A very nice professional gentleman finally helped us.  We finally got to our hotel at 3:30.
Our car was fine, but the experience got our trip off to a bad start.
UPDATE  The Fox Rent A Car people responded to my YELP review and refunded most of our money, along with an apology for what we agreed was an unacceptable waiting time.

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