Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Drive Shows Beauty In "Our Own Backyard"


Deb and I, along with the dogs, ventured on a ride around the area. We usually go out to look at the Fall leaves every autumn. So we set the GPS for the nearest park, not more than a couple miles away from our house away from town, we found the Landsburg Dam and Fish Hatchery.  The Dam is part of the Cedar River Watershed providing water for the city of Seattle. We found that volunteers were giving tours of the dam (second picture from bottom), the fish hatchery (bottom picture) is new, we were not able to tour it,  but it's purpose was explained. 
We then drove to nearby Black Diamond to look for a place to walk the dogs (we were watching Deb's parents' dog Karlee as well as our Rusty),  we crossed a one way bridge over the Green River Gorge (middle picture), across the bridge, we found the Green River Gorge Resort (second picture from the top) it looked abandoned, but Deb fed the Goose (top picture) that was across the street.

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