Friday, April 15, 2011

Sacramento Kings On the move

It really hurts to lose an professional sports franchise, but when it's the only team in town, it much hurt worst. Sacramento, it's reported, is about to lose it's only tie to big league sports as the Kings are moving to Anaheim.
Seattle Times Reporter Jerry Brewer pointed out that after 14 years of stability, the NBA has had 4 franchise moves in the last 10 year including our beloved Super Sonics.

For the Kings, who are going back to being called the Royals, this will be the 4th city that they will have called home in my lifetime. When I first started watching the NBA, it was the Cincinnati Royals, then a move to Kansas City, where they became the Kings so they would not be mistaken for the KC Royals Baseball Franchise. they were actually called the KC-Omaha Kings, although they rarely played in Omaha. They eventually dropped Omaha and became,simply, the Kansas City Kings. From there, they headed west to become the Sacramento Kings. If they become the Royals again, it will be so they are not mistaken for the LA Kings Hockey Club. The Club actually began as the Rochester Royals.

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steve said...

So are the royals finally going to retire Oscar Robetson number?