Sunday, April 10, 2011

KJR-AM Morning Traffic Reporter Leaving

KJR Sportsradio Traffic Reporter Nina (I know her last name but she does not use it on the radio) has announced that she is leaving the station for a new opportunity. She will be leaving the station later this month. Nina replaced veteran Tracy Taylor, who left to report on KING5.

She is pictured above on the left. Nina has not announced what or where the new job will be.


Leonard said...

Nina Hajian is making her way to California's capital city, where she'll reign supreme as the new morning co-host on CBS Hot AC KZZO (Now 100.5)/Sacramento, joining her new radio husband Baltazar. Hajian comes south from Seattle, where she's spent the last seven years at KBKS (106.1 Kiss FM) -- which used to be owned by CBS Radio until Clear Channel bought it in 2009, so she's re-entering the CBS fold. "It almost feels like I'm graduating from high school after being in Seattle for so long," Hajian says. "Heading back to the CBS family feels good." Now PD and all-around fun dude Chad Rufer seems to like Nina: "I've been a fan of Nina for several years," he says. "The natural chemistry that she and Baltazar have together is amazing. I know Sacramento is going to fall in love with these two in the morning." He then took advantage of a free eHarmony weekend to pair his new morning team with the city of Sacramento and see if they would pass a strict 29-dimension match and indeed fall in love.

Mike Barer said...

Thank you, Leonard. Sacramento is gaining a dynamic personality.