Saturday, April 09, 2011

Dave Niehaus Way

Safeco Field will now be located on Dave Niehaus Way South. The late Hall Of Fame announcer was honored yesterday by the naming of the section of 1st Ave South that passes Safeco Field and by a plate in front of the Mariner Announcer Booth. Fans at Safeco wore white shoes in honor of his unique style of dress. It was the first game of the year at Safeco (the team opened up on the road) and the Mariners lost badly, but although the Mariners had their good days and bad, Dave Niehaus was always great.


Anonymous said...

Twenty-four hours a day... KUJ!

Mike Barer said...

That was from the "Jim Nelly" era. After the sale, KUJ became Top 40 and listeners no longer had to listen to scratchy Tri-Cities stations.