Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sheryl Crow "Come On America" DVD

I have discovered that Sheryl Crow is old enough to be Britney Spears' Mom, but you would never know by watching her in concert. She brings an energy to her show that ignites her audience. Crow's style seems like Greenwich Village meets Nashville. Some of her songs hasten back to the folk era of the 60s, while her star spangled outfit and her drawl seem to spell C And W. She plays both acoustical and electrical guitar, her music is catchy in live performance and the words are very literate. She is pretty in a natural way and seems like someone you would want as a friend. I would have no problem with buying a CD or watching her in concert.
Sheryl Crow started her career as a back-up singer for Michael Jackson. The "Come On America" dvd is from her 2003 tour. You can find more information at

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