Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat shoots off his mouth

Pat Robertson is in constant contact with the Lord. The Lord tells Pat to make television his worldwide pulpit. He tells Pat to have every household in every small town send him a check because it takes money to spread the word throughout the world. He tells Pat to tell the US Government to take out a South American dictator. Say what?!
Earth to Pat--Venezuela is a major supplier of oil to the US. Bush to Pat, "we can not have you making remarks like that on your show.
Pat Robertson says, "gee, I never said anything like that on my show". Later, I'm sorry.
Is Pat Robertson really sorry? I've course not. It is just his way of backing out of the trouble that he has made. While I never believed in what televangelists say, I always respected their resilience and the fact that they stuck to their "guns" (so to speak), Pat may speak with the Lord, but that takes second stage to when the US government speaks to him.

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Danny Barer said...

A televangelist imploring thronging masses to murder someone is like something out of a bad Seventies horror movie -- kind of a mixture of "Network" and "Helter Skelter."