Monday, August 01, 2005

Music At the Zoo

Last night Deb and I, along with our families, went to the Seattle Zoo to watch the band Carbon Leaf. I had not heard of the band, amazing since I used to pride myself on my knowledge of the Rock music scene.
We have been going to Zoo concerts for years. They are held in amphitheatre, there are no lights or seats, but you can you can bring chairs, blankets and food. The concerts are always over before dark, so you really get a nice atmosphere.
The band was excellent and the atmosphere was perfect. I definitely would like to find out more about this group. I understand they get play on "The Mountain" (103.7fm in Seattle), as it was the sponser of this year's concert series. Carbon Leaf is from Ireland, they play acoustical rock, with folk influences. Music that you may hear on a college campus radio station.

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