Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Robert Moog passes away

I had never heard of Robert Moog until this morning but I had heard of his contribution to the Pop music scene. I read of his obit in the Seattle Times today.

Robert Moog passed away last Sunday of a short illness in Asheville North Carolina, at the age of 71. He had been research professor of music at the University Of North Carolina. It was said that he was to the synthesizer, what Les Paul was to the guitar. When his instument hit the market, there were synthesizers that were in use, but his stood out for it's versatility and portability.
The Moog Synthesizer was an integral part of the psychedelic music of the 60s and technopop music of late 70s and 80s.
Although Moog traveled in the circle of rock stars, he thought of himself mostly as a technician. He received an engineering degree from Cornell University.

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Anea said...

Bob Moog rocks my socks! :) I have a "Moog Signature Edition" Theramin, and Isaac has been collecting synths for years and years so Moog's passing was a bit of an deal round my house...