Saturday, August 13, 2005

Another flashback for you. This was taken in 1949. I saw a print in a little store near Cannon Beach a few years ago and had to buy it. It is Main Street in Walla Walla, taken near where B.Barer And Sons was, looking East. A rather poignant picture since the Roxy Theatre and the Spiral of the "Stencil Building" have met there demise. The Roxy Was still standing when I was little but had been vacant for years. Lutchers would later become PE GE's and in 1973, was the scene of a tragic fire. There is now a statue there honoring firefighters.Posted by Picasa


Burl Barer said...

Is this the same statue honoring the firefighters that used to be at the cemetary, and before that was down town by the Denny Bldg? It was paid for (expensive!) by Dutch Jo, Walla Walla's most loved, revered, and famous whoremonger -- uh, entrepreneur in the brothel business-- she made arrangements for it in her will.


Mike Barer said...

No that statue is still in the cemetary. I know they call that area Crawford Park.

Frank said...

Hi -
Around 1955, I was in the Toastmaster's club with Alan Barer. He was a great friend. Loved your comments on Lutcher's. I spent almost as much time there as I did at Shep's. Wanted to get a better look at that 1949 photo you displayed, but the link is broken! Please get back to me as to how that may be accomplished?