Monday, July 25, 2005

Lance Armstrong--American Hero

I am not the biggest cycling fan in the world, and if the Tour De France was cancelled, I probably wouldn't notice. I do know the meaning of dominance and nothing spells dominance like Lance Armstrong. He has just finished his career with his 7th consecutive Tour De France victory. That in itself is incredible, an American dominating a world wide field in a sport that barely makes a blip on the radar screen in this country. The amazing thing is that he is a cancer surivivor. It is a miracle that Lance has even survived.
I have heard so much about not only what the disease can do, but how exhaustive the treatments are. To put this all in perspective, Armstrong's feat is amazing. No doubt children and even adults dealing with this dreadful disease are getting much needed inspiration. That would make Lance Armstrong a hero in every sense of the word!

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