Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Did Mac-10 Choose A Bad Neighborhood?

As a Sonics fan, I don't blame Nate for striking while the iron is hot and looking for a new coaching opportunity. However I think he has made a mistake in going to Portland. In the nearly 10 years that Paul Allen has been in sports ownership, I have seen very little in his ability to build an organization. Nate's situation is very similar to Mike Holmgren who was wooed away by Allen from a very successful stint as coach of the Packers to coach our Seattle
I think Nate is in a win or else position with the Blazers more than he would with any other team. He will make much more money in an organization that is currently stronger, but I think he is playing for a less popular owner and since all Portland has is the Blazers, he will be totally under the microscope. I think in this deal the Sonics come out better than Nate and I think it is too bad. I think Nate is one of the class acts of Professional Sports.

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Mike Barer said...

Almost 6 years later, Nate is still in the Rose City. Shows you what I know!