Sunday, July 30, 2017

Going Strong At 90--Happy Birthday, Brakeman Bill!

With so many of the great local characters slipping away from us, it was great to read Brakeman Bill's 90th birthday.  Bill McLain had a children's program in the 60s and 70s on KTNT which later would become KSTW.  Because the Tacoma based station had no network affiliation at the time, it was broadcast in cable across the state. 
Brakeman Bill would wear overalls and a hat reminiscent of a train worker.  His sidekick was a hand puppet named Crazy Donkey. 


Martin Kloess said...

Thanks for this

Anne Leatherman said...

Oh, how I loved Brakeman Bill and Crazy Donkey (who I thought was real) and I have treasured memories of my Dad taking me to a taping of the show when I was 5! Happy Birthday to one of my early heroes!