Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Legendary Washington Liberal Mike Lowry

Mike Lowry, former Washington Congressman and Governor, known for speaking his mind with arm waving speeches, died on May Day from complications from a stroke.
  Lowry was elected to represent Washington's 7th district in 1978, returning what would become Washington's most Liberal district back to the Democrats.  Jack Cunningham, a Republican, had been elected to the seat in a special election after Brock Adams had been appointed to be Secretary Of Transportation in the Carter Administration. 
Lowry ran for the US Senate twice, losing to both former Governor Dan Evans and Slade Gorton.  Lowry spoke of his Eastern Washington roots.  He was born in St John, Washington and graduated from Endicott High School.  He was a graduate of Washington State University.  Still, his Liberal views made it difficult for him to run statewide.
He was elected Governor of Washington in 1992 when Bill Clinton became president. His term was marred by sexual harassment charges and he did not seek a second term.  He would later run unsuccessfully for Lands Commissioner.
Before his election to Congress, Lowry had served on the King County Council.

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