Sunday, January 29, 2017

Tracy Taylor Takes This Blog To New Heights

Dec 13, 2016, 63 comments
Nov 24, 2013, 9 comments

It's incredible, but in less than 2 months, the post on Tracy Taylor leaving King 5 has not only become the all time most popular post, it crushed the previously number one pos Meehan Black Leaving King 5, which is an accumulation of  three years and two months, by a landslide.  
Of course, this will eventually level off, but now it shows little sign of doing so.  Maybe by that time, we can report on Tracy finding a new job.


Beverly Slader said...

Hoping to see you back on TV very soon. Miss your reporting.

Charlie said...

I`ve got it. Rich should retire and Joyce and Tracy should join channel 13.