Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hutch Award Given To Marlin Pitcher

Once again, I attended the Fred Hutchinson Awards Luncheon at Safeco Field. This year's award winner was Miami Marlin pitcher Dustin McGowen (top picture), the soft spoken McGowen was interviewed by Mariner announcer Rick Rizzs, when it became clear that he was uncomfortable giving a speech.  McGowen has overcome Tommy John surgery and diabetes. 
The luncheon is to honor Fred Hutchinson, a Seattle Rainier pitcher and a Major League manager who died of lung cancer.  His brother Bill Hutchinson, a surgeon, help found the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.  Every year, the MC will ask everyone whose life was touched by themselves or someone in their family having cancer and nearly everyone stands. 
Hall Of Fame Red Son Left Fielder  Jim Rice gave the keynote speech and he broke tradition by taking questions from the audience.  Perhaps it was to contrast himself from last year's keynote speaker who gave a rambling, and what I thought, was a rather inappropriate speech.
Master Of Ceremonies Rizzs noted "this is the unofficial start of the baseball season."

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