Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Trend LA: Stars Step Out for Paul Mitchell Gala

Courtney Harvey, who works for the E! network, does this report on a stars gala.  Courtney's dad Geoff worked in Walla Walla for K-Hit/XT 97 radio and gave me great encouragement when I sought to enter the broadcast industry.,

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Geoffrey said...

Thanks Mike for featuring Courtney and her website (TheTrendLA.com) on your blog. She's having great fun in Hollywood working as a producer for E! News and reaching for the stars like so many others. She's a WSU broadcast grad, as you know, and is working hard to get more of an on-air presence. Hopefully you two can meet up in Seattle during one of her visits to the great Northwest. She has lots of friends in Seattle, including a close girlfriend who is a Sam Adams beer rep. Now those are the kinds of friends we all need. Take care...and keep posting!