Monday, May 04, 2015

Sportsradio KJR Stops The Dance

In the late 90's, Seattle radio listeners could hear Howard Stern, Tom Leykus, and it's own answer to R rated radio Mitch Levy.  Levy and his side kick Jeff "The Fish" Aaron would spend more time "rating girls" and making ribald comments about women in pop culture. As time went on, the show  would grow up, Levy began doing what he did the best, giving valuable sport incite. 
One thing would remain through the years from that crazy time, "The Dance".  The Dance was originally known as "The Bigger Dance" until the NCAA called in a copyright violation.  It would consist of a field of 64 females that were bracketed (names not the actual girls).  It would start the after the last game of the actual Final Four..  The reason I participated was the prize.  The winner would receive a trip to any sporting event in the world.  My choice. would have been the Le Mans Grand Prix.  The contest would get bigger, growing with internet coverage.  In each contest, caller would say their choice. More and more, women were participating.  Their would always be a meet and greet at some bar, where the fans could go into a booth and vote for one of the "final four".  The winner would be know as the "the queen of the hardwood".
Last few years, the excitement wore down and I predicted to demise would be near and sure enough, there was no "The Dance" in 2015.  The contest, after more than maybe a decade and a half, had run it's course. 


Dan Ruegg said...

Like Mitch's interest in The (Bigger) Dance, my interest in Mitch's show faded about the same time. Now I mostly listen to 710 ESPN in the mornings. Mitch's show had a "cool" factor during the Dance days, but he started to get boring a year or two before The Dance ended.

Nolen Peterson said...

Bummer, was cool.