Friday, May 07, 2010

Bigger Dance--Last 4 Party

Another thing to scratch off the list. Tonight I attended the KJR Sports Radio Bigger Dance Final 4 party at the Acme Bowl. I do not talk about the Bigger Dance on this blog much. It is a guilty pleasure. It is a contest that starts after the college basketball tournament (nicknamed the big dance) is finished. It is a series of brackets set up like a tournament, but features famous women. You pick which woman will win and if you get the most points, you win a trip for two to any sporting event in the World. Not something you tell your Mother about (unless she also fills out a bracket), but a great prize. All of the rounds are voted on by listeners calling in until the final four in which the only way to vote is by paper ballot. After the final two are determined, it goes back to telephone voting on the following Monday to determine the Queen....
I met an old friend over there and we talked about old times. This year, the Bigger Dance was sponsor by Mike's Hard Lemonade.

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