Monday, May 03, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice-- Another New Trump

Amongst the Rogue's Gallery of characters that make up the contestants, Olympic Swimmer Summer Sanders was the least exciting. Which means of course, she was probably the only one of the bunch that you really would consider hiring. In this competition, for the most part, she brought very little in the way of skill or management, a follower at best, bad TV at worst.

Last week, little Baron Trump was introduced to the viewing nation. This week, a Trump that I had not heard of, Eric (pictured above), would sit at a chair in the boardroom. I was totally unaware that this Trump even existed.

This week's task was to do a series of radio spots for Clockwork Home Services, a company that features fast home repair. Clockwork Homes Services consists of three companies, one of which was Ben Franklin Plumbing. This was a little odd because Ben was mostly associated with Electricity, but that's Mr. Sparky Electricians, and finally there is One Hour Heating And Air Conditioning.
Both teams were told to lay off the humor. Bret Michaels is project manager for Rock Solid, now with more girls than guys. That of course does not bother Bret. Tenacity, with Summer as project manager, takes a straight forward aproach, Bret on the other hand is going to be Bret. He makes references to the cliches about plumbers knowing that it could cost the team a victory and lead to his firing. The thing is that Bret does radio spots really well and Rock Solid wins the task.
Summer brings Cyndi and Curtis into the boardroom, abrasive Holly gets to go back to the Suite. Summer does nothing to defend herself as everyone on the team thinks that she should be fired. It leaves Trump no choice but to fire her.

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PJ said...

Eric is featured on Trumps World, if you have on demand it's kind of fun to watch even if you are not a golf fan which I am not