Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--It's Bret vs Holly

The contestants are in the suite celebrating the fact that they are still in the game when the phone rings. Trump wants to see the candidates in the boardroom. They return to the boardroom where Trump says that he needs to fire someone right away. He asks everyone who they think should go. The consensus seems to be that it should be Maria. Maria makes a comment about Curtis that Trump finds disgusting, He wastes no time in firing Maria.
The four remaining candidates are Holly Robinson Peete, Curtis Stone, Bret Michaels, and Sharon Osborn. They are about to undergo a rigorous series of interviews with Apprentice Winners Bill Rancik and Joan Rivers. After the interviews Trump refers to the feedback from Rancik and Rivers. He determines that all the candidates are good but he can only take two the final task. He fires Curtis and Sharon. That leaves Bret and Holly to go at it.
The final task is to create a flavor of Snapple, then design a commercial and advertorial to go with it. Whoever does the best job is the new Celebrity Apprentice.
Teams are chosen Bret gets Summer and Daryl Strawberry. Holly gets Curtis and Maria. No rhyme or reason why they got to come back while Cyndi, Sharon, and the like had to call it a game.
While Holly (a somewhat abrasive candidate) looks like the early favorite. There is little doubt that most of the viewers will be pulling for Bret.

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PJ said...

Maris is so crude..lol
I am rooting for Bret!