Monday, May 10, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice--The Requsite Apartment Fix-Up

The challenge is as old as the show itself. This week's task was for the teams, once again realigned, to fix up a two bedroom corporate apartment. Once again, Trump decides to realign the teams. Sharon and Maria last week spoke of their dislike for Curtis Stone, so Trump decides to put Curtis on their team, Bret goes to team Tenacity--a recipe for disaster if their ever was one. Control freak, Holly is Tenacity's PM. Sharon takes the reigns of the new Rock Solid.
Rock Solid continues to run smoothly in spite of or maybe because of the addition of Curtis. Sharon has a good idea of what corporate people want in their apartment. With the two most unique candidates, pop star Cyndi and Rock Star Bret, Holly is going crazy, but actually it is Holly who makes some unwise decisions on how to decorate. In the boardroom, I was hoping that Holly would be fired, but Trump considers Cyndi unmanageable and give her walking papers.

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PJ said...

I really think Holly should have been sent home. Bret is awesome I hope he goes all the way.