Saturday, April 04, 2015

The Trend LA: Bruce Ferber's Story Continues

WSU Graduate, turned E! Network producer, writer, and reporter, Courtney Harvey, shows her on-camera chops with this interview with comedy writer turned novelist Bruce Ferber.

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Geoffrey said...

Yep, another WSU Coug does good. Thanks for the post Mike. Courtney Harvey is a Tri-Cities native, graduating in 2005 in Broadcasting from WSU. She did her internship at KXLY in Spokane, worked as a reporter at KVEW in Kennewick. She auditioned and was offered a position with NWCN in Seattle, but opted to move to Phoenix to work in the e-commerce world and for a video production house. Opportunities opened up in LA and she took a position as a producer for E! News International (NBC/Universal) where she is today. Court is establishing a video blog for fun and hopes to launch it in coming weeks. She hopes to have interviews complete soon with Seattle Seahawks' kicker John Ryan and one with friend, comedian and author Sarah Colonna (New book just out, 'Has Anyone Seen My Pants?') Keep up the good work with your blog and FB postings. The broadcast industry was fun and has been good to all of us! Keep in touch and be well.