Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Courtney Thorne-Smith

When Charlie Sheen left the CBS comedy Two And A Half Men, for the most part, the laughs did too.  What once was a raunchy comedy, was just plain raunchy, except for one person who made it somehow worth, watching.  Lovely Courtney Thorne-Smith played empty nest divorcee Lyndsey McElroy,  The mother of Jake's friend, she somehow falls for hapless Alan Harper.  While it was unknown what she saw in Alan, the two seemed to have great chemistry as both knew that it was the best deal Alan could ever get.  Of course, Alan would continually blow it.  but once Lyndsey returned the first time, we knew she would always come back.
Courtney was born in San Francisco and grew up in wealthy Menlo Park.  She is a veteran of TV, previously best known for playing Alison Parker on Melrose Place.

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