Friday, April 24, 2015

Jennifer Sutton For Issaquah City Council

Jennifer Sutton is running for Position 2 on the Issaquah City Council  I am supporting her not only because she is a friend, but because she is uniquely qualified to serve the city. She has a Masters in Public Policy from Pepperdine.  She also serves on the Issaquah Human Services Commission and is on the board of King County ConservationVoters.  She also has the endorsement of former Issaquah Mayor Ava Frisinger and sitting City Councilman Tola Marts.  
But what I think makes Jennifer the right choice is commitment, she will follow through with any task that she is given.  She also has a gift for motivating people and seeing hidden talents.
Her background includes working for former Senator Tom Dashle of South Dakota.
It's not all hard work and no play for Jennifer, she is a manic Seattle Sounders fan,

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