Friday, October 17, 2014

Maple Valley Golf Course To Close

The Elk Run Golf Club, once, one of three Maple Valley Golf Courses, will soon be closing for good.  According to the Covington-Maple Valley Reporter, it is part of the "Donut Hole" land sale.  The Donut Hole entails a piece of land that is unincorporated within the city.  It has been a local controversy for over a decade as far as what to do with the land, most of which houses a county maintenance facility.  The area has been sold to private developers.  It includes 9 holes of Elk Run.   Golf course officials say that it would not be profitable to run the course simply as a nine hole facillity. 
Elk Run has always been my favorite place to play golf in town because of the beauty of the area and it's affordability.  It leaves the Lake Wilderness course as the only golf facility in town, although Druids Glenn and Maplewood courses are nearby.  Maple Valley's Taylor Creek Golf Course closed several years ago.

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