Saturday, October 04, 2014

Radio Exec Kevin "O'Brien" Metheney Dead At 60

The Seatac Media Blog  reports the sad new of the passing of Kevin Methenyy.  Metheny used the name Kevin O'Brien when he was brought to Seattle by Pat O'Day as a teen age prodigy to work evenings at KJR.  He worked as a radio executive in Cleveland, Chicago, and other major markets, but was perhaps best known as the Program Director at WNBC who tried to reign in Howard Stern.  Metheny was loosely portrayed as a composite character  Kenny Rushton, whom Stern called Pig Vomit in on the air ridicule.  I e-mailed Metheny from an old KJR tribute site after watching the Stern movie and he sent this reply
  • Metheny, Kevin

  • Mar 28, 2003

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