Friday, October 17, 2014

Percy Harvin Trade Shocks Area

The Seattle Seahawks are now big news in this area outside the sports world, so fans and non-fans alike are in a state of shock at the news that Percy Harvin has been traded to the New York Jets.  I received the news on the Twitter feed on my phone while having coffee with my dad at Starbucks and spent a second wondering if it was a joke. 
Percy Harvin, although spending much of last season sidelined by injuries,  was probably the team's most exciting player, he will be remembered running back a kick-off for a touchdown in the Super Bowl, one of the most memorable moments in Seattle sports history.  It put an exclamation point on a great victory.  This year, while healthy, his numbers were less than exciting, but fans seemed to think a breakthrough was immanent. 
The Seahawks will receive a conditional draft choice from the Jets for Harvin.

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Anonymous said...

He was bad news in the locker room. The negativity, anger issues, got him tossed from Minnesota. Now, the Seahawks front office has had enough, admitted they made a mistake bringing him onto the team and kicked him to the curb. Yes, he leaves with a briefcase full of money, but the message is out there to all teams, Percy Harvin is bad news.