Monday, August 04, 2014

The Pilots--Seattle's Forgotten Major League Team

The Seattle Pilots may be Seattle's forgotten team, but when the Mariner management was struggling to get a new stadium built, the memory of the Pilots was put into play.It was clear that if the Mariners were to move, it would be the second MLB team to leave.  Seattle would never have it's own big league baseball team again.  In addition, the Pilots were only here one year. With the Mariners continued failures, up to the 1995, many held the belief that it is impossible for Major League baseball to succeed here. 
With the move of the Seattle Super Sonics, both Major League teams that Seattle hosted in the 1960s have left town and assumed new names and identities.  If the Sonics had Clay Bennett, the Pilots had Bud Selig, who like Bennett, wanted a Major team in his home town.  Today, Selig is commission of Major League Baseball, although he won't get many cheers in this area.  At least not many more than former NBA commissioner David Stern.  Stern was Bennett's ally in the Sonics departure.
I found this video on the history of the Pilots.  You can click here to see it.

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