Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Seattle Pilots--Part 2

The Pilots launched in 1969, the same season that Walla Walla Bears would be it's town's Northwest League entry.  When the Pilots and  the other American League entry, the Kansas City Royals had the expansion draft, I was excited because I had baseball cards for most of the players, after all these years I realize that there was a reason for that.  Most baseball cards are for mediocre and average players.
The Pilots did have a few player who were from the defending champion Detroit Tigers.  I think that the Tigers made these players available so they didn't have to give them pay raises.  Wayne Comer and Ray Oyler were the Tigers contribution.
I listened to the Pilots on KUJ in Walla Walla, the same station to carry Northwest League games.  They were on NBC's game of the week once, that I can recall. 
Diego Segui pitched for the Pilots and also for the Seattle Mariners. His son, David, also played for the M's.
The Pilots have a web site with bits and pieces of the teams history.  You can find it here

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