Monday, February 24, 2014

Trouble At The Bay!

Did anyone see this coming?  Word has gotten out that the San Francisco 49ers tried to trade their coach to the Cleveland Browns.  Coach Jim Harbaugh who most fans feel has lead the Niners back to the glory days, may see the end of his days at San Francisco.  While being known as a winner, Harbaugh is known for marching to his own drum.  That is not always good in businesses minded pro sports.  Owners and General Managers like to win, but they also like to be in control.  Word is that the relationship between the coach and the front office is souring fast.
Although the tight lipped usually scowling Harbaugh is universally loathed by Seahawk fans, there is no doubt the rivalry has been good for the 'Hawks and it's fans, it has become one of the best rivalries in Seattle sports history and although wins are nice, they are even sweeter when someone can wear the "black hat" like Coach Harbaugh.

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