Sunday, February 09, 2014

An Evening With Jerry Seinfeld

Deb and I, along with our usual gang, went to see the second show of Jerry Seinfeld at The Paramount in downtown Seattle last Friday.  He had a show earlier in the evening.
Jerry Seinfeld is probably the wealthiest comedian on the planet, so either he enjoys stand-up or he needs a reason to get away from his wife of 14 years.
Most people missed the irony of the Frank Sinatra voice track that played while everyone was being seated (not part of the show).  Sinatra died, the evening  that the final episode of Seinfeld aired.
Seinfeld started the show with obligatory congratulations to the city over the Seahawks Super Bowl victory, then in his trademark exasperated voice quipped, "have some consideration for the rest of us". His slice of life humor included the reason he decided the audience was there, it bought the expensive tickets because (paraphrasing) it needs things because life sucks.
He went on to cover his observations on life, food, drink, possessions, technology dependence, marriage and death.
Mario Joyner, also a slice of life commedian, but with a more rapid fire delivery, opened the show.

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