Saturday, February 01, 2014

Jaxon Ravens Will Lead Washington Dems

State Democratic Executive Director Jaxon Ravens will now be Chair of the Washington State Democrats. Dana Laurent, a successful fundraiser for Democratic causes was runner up.  Ravens was chosen by the Democratic State Committee, which consists of a combinations of two representatives, from each county in the state as well as 2 reps from each of the state's legislative districts.  The committee meets quarterly at different venues throughout the state, this time it was at the Hilton in Vancouver.
Ravens had a commanding lead after the first ballot, but with 3 other contenders, failed to amass a majority.  Bottom two candidates Jay Clough, an Eastern Washington former congressional candidate and Jim Kainber, a former party executive director, were dropped and a second ballot was taken. 
The excitement of the Seattle Seahawks advancing to the Super Bowl was not lost on the group as committee members were clad in blue and green, and many answer the role call with "Go Hawks!"

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