Monday, April 02, 2012

Cougar Fans Saddened By Leaf Trevails

Once upon a time, the idea of the Washington State Cougars playing in the Rose Bowl was thought to be a fairy tale, then came Ryan Leaf.  In 1997, the junior quarterback from Montana, showed presense in the pocket, a strong arm, and a cocky attitude.  He lead his team to the Pac 10 championship for the first time in over 30 years.   He was considered a can't miss pro prospect, then the bubble burst.
The San Diego Chargers, gave up the house to have drafting rights to Leaf.  He hit a snag in his rookie season and made ESPN highlight reels with a nasty exchange with reporters. His struggles culminated with his arrest a couple of years ago for burglary.
Recently though, reports came out about a new Ryan Leaf, who was working to fight against his addictions. He survived a brain tumor and wrote a book, the world seemed ready to forgive Ryan and visa versa. But a couple of days ago, the Leaf saga took a turn for the worst, as he was once again arrested for burglary, has Ryan Leaf fooled us again, or is this just another bump on the road to his recovery.  Leaf was arrested again today for burglary in attempt to steal prescription drugs.  Prosecutors had already moved to revoke his probation.

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Michael Dziak said...

Oh Ryan...if he does not get help...his life is in jeopardy...either at the wrong end of a gun...or the wrong end of the pills.