Thursday, April 19, 2012

Big Dance Party In Heaven

He didn't sing, he didn't dance, he wasn't funny but for generations, Dick Clark was the king of the teen scene.  Every town had it's local DJs, but Clark was seen nationwide, with a smooth voice and a look similar to the young men on the show. Young teens would show off the dances of the day. It is no surprise that he was called "The world's oldest teenager".Growing up, I watched American Bandstand, which Clark hosted and The Lloyd Thaxton Show. Both were teen dance shows with local high school students dancing to records and a couple of live acts on each episode.    Thaxton looked fatherly, but loved to clown around with the music.  Clark, was youthful, took himself and the show seriously, both shows were able to catch youthful exuberance I have often written  of a Saturday afternoon when I heard the song "Happy Together" for the first time and the song stuck in my head for good.
  Dick Clark was resilient. He lasted for decades, and through numerous fads, always seemingly in touch.  In addition to American Bandstand, he produced game shows, created the American Music Awards, and hosted the best known televised New Year's Eve show of all time.

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