Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mike Cameron Joins Team Then Retires

It may be impossible to replace a legend, but Mike Cameron sure made  it easier.  The Centerfielder who came from the Cincinnatti Reds to the Mariners in a trade that for Griffey, has retired as a Seattle Mariner.   Cameron played for seven different teams in his career, including the Mariners, but Seattle seems to where his heart was.  He made some incredible catches and also hit 4 homers in a single game.  This was just "what the doctor ordered" for Mariner fans who have had little to cheer about since the 2001 116 game winning campaign.  Cameron was a part of that team. Griffey would come back and also retire as a Mariner, but while Griffey seemed to be an eternal sulker many times, Cameron always seemed to play the game with a smile.

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