Sunday, October 17, 2010

Toy Store Mural Upsets Walla Walla City Government

It did not seem so long ago that what would be big news in Walla Walla, Washington would be of little consequence anywhere else, but thanks to the reach of the world wide web and a newly acquired reputation as the wine capital of the Northwest, a story about a legal battle between a locally owned Downtown toy store and the city has attracted attention from around the world.
It's all because of a mural posted above the Inland Octopus (top picture), located at 7 East Main Street. The notice is posted on the front door (bottom picture). It says that the store will be fined 100 dollar per day until the mural is taken down.


Cindy Callinsky said...

I don't understand why, though. What is their reasoning for wanting it down. I don't get it. Who is it bothering and why?

Andy Hanson, CPI said...

This is unfortunate. I agree with the business owner on this one. I have read the Walla Walla Municipal Code (20.178.110) "Signage", and it does not say anything about murals, pictures or paintings. It references painted signs, but again, this is not a sign.

I hope the business owner gets representation, and an injunction, to cease the City's harrassment. I also believe a "reasonable" reimbursement to the business owner by the City is appropriate.