Friday, October 15, 2010

The Apprentice: Men's Team Angers Trump!

This week's task is to put on a fashion featuring Rockport shoes. Women will put on a show featuring men's shoes. Men will put on a show featuring women's. Wade is PM for the men, after failing to step up as he promised on the previous task. Stephanie, a highly motivated candidate volunteered to be PM for the women. Stephanie had already shown leadership in previous tasks.
Stephanie tells her team to focus on the task at hand. She leads with an iron hand. Wade does not seem to show any of the leadership that he talked about in the board room a couple of weeks ago. He has Gene and David emcee the event and does not have a rehearsal. As a result, the men's show is a disaster. The women have Brandy emcee and although she said that she had not done it before. The event goes on without a hitch.
Trump is so angry with the men's performance on the task, he let's the women go and does not even let Wade pick 2 people to come into the boardroom. He lets them all have it and fires Wade and Gene. He could easily have fired the whole team.

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PJ said...

David should have gone to. Now it is time to mix up the teams!!