Friday, October 08, 2010

The Apprentice:The Men Pop Back

This week's task was to promote Popcorn. According to Trump, 17 billion quarts a year are sold. Popcorn, Indiana sells the product in stores and this week's task was for each team to create a viral video to promote the brand. .
The women come up with what seems to me to be a lame idea, showing people in a health club eating popcorn while they work out. It looks to me like an invitation to choke to death.
The men on the other hand, come up with an idea that can at least attract attention, they stage a popcorn fight in the middle of Manhattan. David, the weekly problem child for the men, winds up sitting another task out, this one due to his breaking a tooth.
After two losses in a row, the men win this task. Clint is the winning project manager. Mahsa, the angry DA, is the loser. She picks Tyana and Liza to go into the boardroom with her. Tyana did not get on board with Mahsa's idea. Ultimately, it was the losing idea, but Trump thinks that she has lost favor with the team and fires her.

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PJ said...

I was hoping for a double