Friday, October 01, 2010

The Apprentice Goes To The Dogs

This week's task is to set up a day care and spa for dogs. This was a problem for Mahsa because she is terrified of dogs Judging by the fact that Donald Trump did not come to see either team, my guess is that she was not the only one not comfortable around the furry friends. For the past couple weeks, James (above) has been called out in the boardroom. He is always clueless and shocked when that happens. When he steps up to be PM, you already know the results. The toughest part of running Octane is David. I don't know what is up with him, but he is the wild card. It is clear that he will be fired sometime, just not right away. After a couple of shout out sessions, James tells David to go back to the suite to spend the days watching game shows, soaps and perhaps old reruns of "The Apprentice". It is the first time that I can remember a PM firing a candidate on a task.
The Women of Fortitude have problems of their own. They won a task after throwing Liza under the bus and she cannot let it go. Furthermore, Tyana (the PM) and Mahsa, who got along so well in the first task are now bitter enemies. There is absolutely no cohesion in the women's camp either.
The judge of the competition is Celebrity Dog Trainer Caesar Milan. Why he would want to put his name on this is beyond me. Perhaps he is graduating to training people, because these candidates are a bigger mess then any dog would be.
The women win. The men lose for the second week in a row. James picks David (of course) and Wade to stay in the boardroom. Firing David would be way too easy, it is clear that although James is smart, he could never lead the team and he is fired. David will return to wreak havoc next week.

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