Friday, September 24, 2010

The Apprentice--I Scream, You Scream, One Fake Firing

This episode probably should have been the first task. The teams were sent out to the streets to sell ice cream. This is the "back to basics" task that kicked off the very first Apprentice episode and has been used quite often. Both teams headed first to Union Square, with very without much luck so they both tried several locations. Each team also came up with an idea for uniforms, women in pink tank tops, and men with striped shirts. By the way, I forgot to mention David, the loose cannon with eyes and hair going in 6 different directions,was project manager for the men. Poppy, was project manager for the women.
When the teams were back in the board room, Trump asked the women if they thought that they had won. Of course they say yes. Trump asked who the weakest player was, and Poppy said it was Liza, he asks other team member and they agree and Trump fires her. Oh wait, he smiles and says "Kidding". I've never seen him screw around quite like that. Liza, of course is angry at her team. There is discourse, Trump asked Mahsa if she thought her team won. Mahsa said she "knew" they won. Trump jumped on her saying there is no way she could "know". There never is a "right" answer in the board room.
Trump then goes to the men, where David singled out James and Alex. James is too laid back and Alex lacks energy. David, Alex, and James come stay in the board room. Trump figures that Alex is the weakest, although a nice guy (nice guys finish last in the world of Trump) and fires him.

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