Friday, September 17, 2010

The Apprentice 10--Hey Buddy, Could You Spare A Job?

The Apprentice franchise was recently brought back from the dead by using celebrities. Now the show has returned with unknowns again seeking a job with the Trump Organization. The twist though is that all of the candidates are unemployed or underemployed because of the Recession.
The candidates meet in the boardroom, as they usually do in the first show and Mr. Trump divides them, men vs women, as he usually does. The first task is to go into an empty suite and design a modern office space.
The men come up with the name "Octane", the women are Fortitude, as he usually does, Trump gives tepid approval to the names.
No one volunteers themselves to be Project Manager for Octane, but someone volunteers Gene. A well bow-tied unemployed Financial Advisor with military experience. Nicole, a former Miss California contestant, steps up to be Project Manager for Fortitude.
Last night's show was two hours, it could have easily been fit into one. As the show were on, it appeared that the recession may not be the only reason that these people may be unemployed as there was fighting on both sides. In particular, a former telecom salesman named Dave was unmanagable. Unfortunately, A-type insubordinates like him tend to stay around for a few weeks because it makes good water cooler discussion for the viewers. Neither PM can really seem to get the respect of his or her team and the results show, Trump did not like either design.
Fortitude decides to throw PM Nicole "under the bus", perhaps unfairly. Tayana has experience in office design and probably should have been fired, however she found an ally in former New York DA Mahsa, who points a direct finger at Nicole. Since the team unites against her, Nicole is fired.

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PJ said...

Well I found it to be very LOUD last night. I see why some of them may be