Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wall Street II: Money Never Sleeps Review

This effort, although entertaining, does not hold a candle to the original although it was easy to follow. I think that the main drawback to this movie is the amount of time between the movie and the sequel. The principal character, Jake Moore, played by Shia La Bouf, does not appear to even have been born when the original Wall Street was released. Instead of a Father-son conflict, like in the first picture. It is a boyfriend-girlfriend conflict, Jake is dating, Gekko's daughter, Winnie, played by Casey Mulligan. The movie starts with Gordon Gekko emerging from prison, those who have come to loved to hate the character can derive pleasure from seeing him broken. The interesting thing is that he is not the central villain, rather that is financier, Brenton James, who actually sent Gekko into the long prison term. The movie takes time to show the human side of Gekko, who has lost all contact with his daughter, while Jake is seduced by Gekko's ambitions and catchy quotes, much like Charlie Sheen's Bud Fox was in the first movie, by the way, a smirking Fox makes a brief apearence in the movie.
If the movie had continued with Bud Fox, it may have made for a better movie, however, having characters who apeal to a generation not quite familiar with the premise of the earlier movie may prove to be it's downfall. Although the movie was successful in it's opening weekend, I don't that the movie will be remembered years later like the first.

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