Monday, March 29, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice: Strawbery Shortcake

Week 3 of the Celebrity Apprentice. Both Rock Solid and Tenacity are plagued by problem children. Brett Michaels for the men and Cyndi Lauper for the women are misfits Brett is really a good worker, Cyndi is Cyndi, but both are wreaking havoc for their teams by asking silly questions. Not one, not two, but too many. I would not expect to see either of them around for the final, except maybe as entertainment.
This week's task was to create a four page Advertorial for Norton 360 and Lifelock. I had never heard of an advertorial, but could pretty much guess what it is. Neither teams really put their heads into it. Tenacity picked Sharon Osborn as their spokesperson which turned out to be a big mistake as she had to be bleeped during her presentation. What a surprise for someone who cannot string a thought together without a profanity. After a horrible presentation that included a power failure, the women actually won.
In each of the 3 seasons of Celebrity Aprentice, there is one person who decides they really don't want to be there. In this case it's Daryll Strawberry who says that he should be fired. Trump grants him that wish.

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