Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Celebrity Apprentice: Kodak Moment

The concept of this week's Celebrity Apprentice is for both teams to create a Kodak display in a storefront. This is really a rehash from the final task from last season, but who could remember that.
Rock Solid picks comedian Sinbad to be it's project manager. Sinbad is a funny guy but seems to have trouble matching his subject to his predicate. He states an idea and it doesn't seem to make sense, at least to me. Tenacity picks Maria, the wrestler. She came up with the idea of using children in her charity, The Make A Wish Foundation to pose in pictures with the celebs on her team. She sticks with her plan and despite power outages generated by printing pictures her concept flies well. The men (Rock Solid) don't use printers but give customers a web site. They seem disorganized and don't hand out the web site to some customers including secret shoppers.
Tenacity wins, so Rock Solid is sent to the boardroom. Sinbad makes a common project manager mistake of sending someone to the boardroom whom Trump feels doesn't belong, in this case Rod the governor. Trump can never seem to get past the fact and fires Sinbad even though he could have just as easily fired last week's winning project manager Brett Michaels.

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